Alexander Bellman


I’ve always been obsessed by trying “to design light”. By this I don’t simply mean the straightforward representation of light but rather the premonitory and ever-changing quality of light which rouses in me an insatiable desire to exert an extent of control and prevision over it. This was perhaps what led me to become one of the early experimenters in modes of virtual calculations for simulation and also spurred me on  to realise the fact that technological research would take me closer to the centre of my obsession, that, instead of stultifying my creativity, algorithms would take me further forward than I’d ever hoped. A C14 Group design, while retaining its original heuristic essence, is the end result of a complex multidisciplinary process, the sole survivor of a bloody battle between traditional and innovative tools and methods. And if it is often better to base a light project on its nemesis, shadow, don’t you think that it’s both fascinating and important to generate a creative process as the end result of a method of destructive synthesis? As a metaphor of creativity, a flower which unexpectedly blossoms in the desert doesn’t work half as well as a flower which is a sole survivor, hardy and lucky enough to survive the desertification of its original fertile field. So many people have written about the relationship between light and matter that it would be sterile to add more grist to the mill, my aim continues to be the project as a perceptive research tool. I currently run the Lighting Design undergraduate course at IULM University in Milan, I have lectured in the Architecture Faculty of the Milan Polytechnic and actively collaborate with the L.U.N.A. University in Bologna.

Matteo Nobili


I completed a degree in Industrial Design at the University of Genoa and my thesis was on Water Management. I currently work in lighting and interior design for exhibitions and the retail sector, and am responsible for both the creation of finishings and display projects and the general direction of construction work.

Elisa Arini


After completing a degree in Architecture at Milan Polytechnic and writing a thesis with on the redevelopment of a factory to be used as a new mall for art and fashion, today I work on projects in the retail sector from the creative phase through to the actual direction of projects.

Federico Montagna


I completed a degree in Sustainable Architecture at Milan Polytechnic, my thesis was on the redevelopment of a thirteenth-century mill.  I currently work on projects in the retail and exhibit sector from the preliminary through to the executive stage.

Giulia Celsi

Interior Designer

After graduating in Interior Design at Milan Polytechnic with a final thesis on the value of handicraft in the fashion system,  I currently work on projects in the retail sector and lighting right through from the creative phase to the direction of construction work.

Floriana Cescon

Responsabile Amministrativo

I have acquired professional experience in both well-known companies within the retail sector and architect studios. I am the personal assistant of the C14 Group management and also handle back office duties in the commercial area and administrative concerns.