The Chengzahn Rd. Showroom is an innovative space with quite an impact. It has been designed to attract a certain kind of visitor: young, international, interested in design and sensitive to western taste – 800m2 are given over to home furnishings all within a welcoming, informal atmosphere. The showroom is a large, open space, yet at the same time it is a domestic area, each room has been designed in a different way.

Visitors, therefore, move from one space to another, they open inside each other like Chinese nested boxes: the living room leads through to the dining room and the style changes, as though one suddenly finds oneself in another house. Large windows, panelled screens made of eucalyptus wood, walnut strips break up the space and add interest without overpowering, indeed they read as design choices with a distinct personality of their own. The colour palette is harmonious: the different types of woods are juxtaposed with grey and green which go together, chromatically as well as semantically, with the alternating terrazzo tiles and walnut for the flooring

Young Chinese families – the privileged target consumer for the project – are confronted by a show-room designed to put the brands in the best possible light, by placing the products in the context they were designed for: the same idea usied for the settings can be found in the window displays. The Poliform brand is heavily present in the settings, there are complete living areas as well as single items of furniture such as bookshelves, closets and other items for the living room: choosing this particular brand was motivated by the level of success it is currently having in Asian markets thanks to its contemporary feel and premium quality of the products

Other celebrated brands from Italian design include Kartell, Poltrona Frau, Gallotti&Radice, Cassina – they have their own place here even though they are mainly displayed in ForD Casa.


  • Date : 03.04.2018
  • Location : Hangzhou, Cina