Fuorisalone 2012

Fuorisalone 2012

Generally, when it comes to a lighting project for an art exhibition, light has the sole task of highlighting the shapes and surfaces of the pieces of display, according to shared rules of perception and visual comfort. Different paths can be taken through the use of techniques and tools, the aim being to modulate light flow in pursuit of perceivable visual sensations, such as intangible caresses or perhaps startle visitors emotionally via high light intensity.

By observing and studying works by Enzo Marazzi we realised that we couldn’t stop at the surface, we needed to go further and try to reveal the physical and conceptual structure of the material itself. As usual, we embarked on a very ambitious journey, and combined advanced virtual modelling technology with traditional lighting techniques in order to lay bare the lines of strength and balance which generate the structural tension in the various works.

Marazzi’s creations are plastic and evocative, they appear to slowly explode and implode, almost as though the artist could imbue the material with opposing strengths. Beginning with this extraordinary sensation, and the inevitable consideration that , regardless of which angle it is observed from the delicate and balanced interplay between stillness and dynamism immediately catches the eye, we created a light installation that would overturn the relationships of scale linked to the actual spatial dimension, the theory of shadows and lastly, the rules of perception.

Light and shadow become tools which reveal the lines of strength governing harmony and balance as well as the hidden tension within the construction process underlying Marazzi’s pieces.
The result is an installation which is a journey through intangible elements, unconventional light and shadow, through various stages of development, both physical and virtual and ending at the sculpture.


  • Date : 22.05.2012
  • Location : via Morimondo 26, Milano