Hotel Concept

Hotel Concept


Located at the edge of the Milan city area but immersed in the more “traditional” context of the Chiaravalle village, the Hotel carries this dualism in its very concept. The project, which aimed at state of the art illumination but traditional furnishings, strove to evoke a “family” environment that was, however, contemporary in its lines.

To create the mood, we drew on the country colours and tonalities of the location in the choice of natural shades for the walls of the different rooms and of traditional materials such as wood and metal through an ad hoc selection and study of furnishings and wall spaces. Room and suite interiors were imagined as “home lounges” and illuminated with warm lighting to underline this aspect. The simple design lines of the metal elements in the hall and the bar fit in perfectly with the softer lines of the more traditional furnishing.


  • Date : 25.03.2012