C14 has embarked on a new professional collaboration, as prestigious as it is exciting: MSC Crociere, one of the most important companies in the world, renowned for its excellent, award-winning safety and environmental sustainability standards, came to us for the lighting design for two ships from its fleet.
Beginning in Autumn of last year, the project was all-consuming, far beyond our expectations: these “boats” – as the technicians call them – are impressive, not only because they make fairytale destinations accessible but also because of their very nature: floating universes, on top of the waves. C14 took on the challenge of designing the lighting for the two vessels: the starting point was the desire for an original idea, this underlined our “virgin state” regarding lighting design for ships, an absolute first for us at C14. So we were curious and eager to get to work, free from the constrictions of repetition which is endemic in the design dynamics in this particular sector.

Weighing one hundred and seventy thousand tonnes and measuring 300 metres, from suites to swimming pools and the external decks, going through a multitude of public rooms, we paid almost sartorial attention to the definition of discreet lighting solutions, which never diverged from the general concept based on extremely simple guidelines. Custom-made solutions provided highly-accurate control of the lighting which were seamlessly integrated with the architecture and guaranteed specific compliance with each particular condition, were devised and tested by means of scale 1:1 mock ups. 65000 lights were used to create a magical, evocative atmosphere on the MSC ships but which still revealed the elegant underlying taste influencing every single decision. So, spectacular lighting of course, but never obvious.
The lighting project preserves its own identity but still manages to blend harmoniously with the wide variety of styles brought to the table by the different architects who worked on the interior design: indeed, it can be said that it ties the different areas together and enhances the specific nature of the different styles. If every MSC ship is a world, our light had the task of underlining the wonderful diversity, enhancing the interiors and defining the various spaces.
The two ships we helped to complete will take to the seas at the end of 2017: we will wait with pride for the moment they set sail, leaving a luminous trail in their wake.

For special areas, such as the Aft Lounge, where shows such as the famous Cirque du Soleil will take place, we devised laser-milled PMMA panels which had to look black when they were switched off.


  • Date : 10.08.2017