Swiss & Global WGO 2011

Swiss & Global WGO 2011

Pelota, Milano

The C14 Group created the WGO 2011 project held in the Pelota Space in Milan’s via Palermo.
This event aimed at communicating the Swiss & Global world view to investors, a complex, high-speed and global world view with a lot to offer.

An in-depth, highly articulated view which follows, and thus anticipates, change while keeping in sight the positive aspects which the future holds. The WGO 2011 event project was constructed around this concept, and if the three macro-dynamics taken into consideration (demography, urbanisation, technology) have in common their direct impact on the environment, the project could only start from a zero impact concept for its staging: totally recyclable cardboard, wood and materials for the setting and furnishings, but only after having welcomed and surprised our 500 guests by “revealing” the future of the world through cutting edge technology.

Stories and services, in a tv news/talk show format were projected in the three-dimensional globe at the Space’s centre. A fast-moving event, like the moment we are living in, which the project managed to maintain in all its stages.


  • Date : 07.06.2011