Tower hall

Tower hall

The tools of an architect are universally recognised, they are graphite and paper used together to create a design, a preview of what you want to accomplish. Sometimes though, one’s imagination may lead one to perceive one of those tools as a single entity, as in the case of the ORIGAMI*, projection of reality formed by a single sheet of paper. Just like sound waves spreading through the environment, the ceiling of the multipurpose hall moves like a folded sheet of paper in continuous motion, mimicking a giant example of origami*. A continuous wave, able to accommodate the visitor starting from the foyer and as far as the main hall, a movement that strongly characterises the interior and creates an unusual perspective, leading the visitor to the edge of the stage.

In contrast to the curved skyline and harmonious exterior, the interior is filled with taut lines and broken geometric shapes, the carefully-studied lighting creates special effects and lighting scenarios, which make running cuts in the ceiling and in the oak panelling on the perimeter walls. The one hundred and sixty spectators who will animate the space, will be immersed in an environment designed as a sounding board, where sounds are calibrated to perfection to “bounce” off the sloping surfaces of the ceiling.

* The term refers to the art of ORIGAMI paper folding (折り紙 o- re- gami , a term derived from the japanese, ‘ori’ folding and ‘kami’ paper).


  • Date : 14.06.2014
  • Location : Unicredit Tower, Milan