Unicredit Lightbells

Unicredit Lightbells

The complex “Lightbells” design for the Unicredit building in Reggio Emilia, aims to seamlessly integrate with the interior of the building while harmoniously covering two floors. The architectural structure housing Lightbells, is composed of circular spaces, sensuous soft curves. The four bells are consistent with the overall context and provide the same level of sensorial conformity. The bells all have the same diameter but have different lengths so as to exploit the full height of the two floors and ensure even light coverage. There is a particularly innovative system at the bottom of the Lightbells which is in full accordance with contemporary eco-sustainable and eco-compatible requirements: the Solar Tube. In fact, these four Solar Tubes inside the individual plasterwork bells illuminate the space by creating a uniform relationship between artificial light and natural light.

In the right weather conditions, the Solar Tubes are able to efficiently illuminate thanks to a system which reflects and diffuses natural light, this means that the artificial lighting system can be switched off and significant energy-savings can be made as well as reducing pollution.

When the luxmeter inside the Solar Tube detects that there is not sufficient natural light for the room, the artificial lighting system is automatically activated; this in turn activates the LED projectors set into the plasterwork structure. The intensity of the LED projectors will be the same as the light generated as the Solar Tube.

As the natural light gradually diminishes, the artificial lighting system is automatically activated, thus increasing and completing the level of light required for the space below. Because the LED lighting is only activated in relation to the Solar Tube, the artificial light is in perfect harmony with its natural counterpart.


  • Date : 10.01.2012
  • Location : Reggio Emilia