The team is composed of architects, designers, graphic and multimedia designers. Multidisciplinary skills and know-how come together to create a workgroup which stands apart from the common run of traditional architects’ studios. Technological contamination and new horizons in representational systems are an essential part of the ongoing project, our objective is a subtle and profound change in forms, our ambition is the search for new perceptive stimuli. “Within the framework of a contemporary project, the development of the creative phases – from the birth of an idea to its enactment – can only take place when bolstered by in-depth knowledge of communication techniques.
Alexander Bellman

Retail design

The transfer of brand identity to the sales environment merges with new needs for direct personal intervention, thus molding modern experiential spaces. The single brand becomes a dialogue between brand and consumer, a moment of communication and social interaction. C14 proposes to meld a technical architectural approach with projects that hail and interpret upcoming trends and the new.

Exhibition design

The aim is to communicate fundamental company traits through the creation of environments based on temporary architectural elements, from video projections, to theatrical stage-set effects and performance techniques. A major issue here is the projecting of individual emotional experience and, therefore, the degree to which the event remains memorable is of extreme importance.

Lighting design

Inventing new systems of illumination in the latest, most unstable design sectors. Form and technology are not an end in themselves but simply the tools for the sensory projection and stage-set interpretation of objects and spaces, whether in a temporary exhibit or a permanent installation.

Interior design

Comfort, usability and the articulation of spaces, these criteria may be applied to very different private interiors: from the study of empty spaces, through the whole array of furnishing solutions up to the fine details of colour and material elements. The interior design is carried out by the Group as a whole and is the result of a complex network in which, as art director, we coordinate a heterogeneous group of sector-specific professionals.