C14 Journal Issue N07

C14 Journal Issue N07

via Morimondo 26, Milano
Often, when I talk about C14 I use the term “unconventional” obsessively and indiscriminately, for reasons which I believe are wholly justified and which
concern all those who work with me, in the past, in the present and in the future. For instance, a rare passion for pure maths,
experience in all kinds of environments including stage sets, theatre plays, fashion shows, comic strips, virtual sets, TV ads, prison security cameras, wooden telegraph poles, electric guitars, mechanical instruments, holograms, mooring systems for boats, Chinese shadow theatre etc…
How this phenomenon of the aggregation and selection of people, who are very different from one another but possess
similar, complementary characteristics, comes about without being pre-determined by me, is still not entirely clear. But I like the idea that the “unconventional” can be associated with a concept of “method”, abstraction, intuition and rational logic.

From this perspective, our most important trait, I mean our ability to adopt an original, unique out-of-the-box approach to projects, has always been our strong
point. This also means, and it has always been so, that our relations within the studio will never be based on a sinister hierarchy but on charisma, on sharing,
on the concept that ideas will continue to flow freely and that the system will never be rigid, it will be organic and dynamic.

I would like to add my resolution for the 2015/2016 season: this new year, as I said in the previous issue, starts on 15
September for me. More than ever it will be devoted to prototypes and transdisciplinary innovation in all the various application environments, therefore, as always it is shaping up to be great fun and hard work. This issue’s title, “the unreal space of reality” and the restyling
of the magazine, are direct evidence of our ongoing desire, or should I say, our inevitable aptitude, for experimentation. I’m counting on all of you…

Dedicated to all those who work alongside me.


  • Data : 03.12.2015
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