Kiton Showroom Milano

Kiton Showroom Milano

In a building that was once Gianfranco Ferrè’s headquarters and an integral part of Milan…
“In my opinion, despite my foreign name I have deeply Milanese roots and traditions, the new Kiton showroom will open in the most evocative buildings in Milan, the fashion capital of the 90’s. Every inch of wall tells a story, about Gianfranco Ferrè and Franco Raggi’s design, who with immense intuition and consistency has been entrusted by the Neapolitan maison to undertake this second major restructuring and revitalization. On a personal level, even evenings spent drinking, smoking and listening to music around the bars of Brera and Garibaldi, without even imagining it that every time I stopped to gaze at the glorious windows of this façade, In the future I would have “got my hands on it ” doing one of the things I like most: designing light.”

GrupppoC14’s assignment is as specific as it is technical. It concerns the magnificent main hall, the rooms adjacent to it and the external façades on via Fiori Chiari and via Pontaccio. For the rest it was decided to reuse the existing system by reconfiguring, restoring and involving the original designers. GruppoC14 was responsible for the most technical and delicate areas where a lighting project requires specific expertise in lighting works of art, there are already numerous examples and there will be many more within luxury retail.

The internal architecture is very dominant, Franco Raggi’s masks placed on the columns along the perimeter of the room seem to be watching and judging you all the time. The only way forward, and this is the key point, is to make sure that the new lighting system does not make any claims of being part of the original design. Of course, projectors and tracks follow the architectural lines, they are orderly, accurate and absolutely respectful in their adjacent position to the ceiling and the 8-metre-high skylight, though in a sense their presence and technicality is and must be, self-referential. The design called for excellent quality LED lights, configurable and interchangeable lenses, exceptional light output and therefore energy -saving, absolute precision in the beams and shadows, clean but strong teutonic design, hardly intrusive at all and completely pared-down. It will be Kiton’s tailoring which has the starring role on this fantastic stage.
Alexander M. Bellman


  • Date : 07.02.2014
  • Location : Via Pontaccio, Milan