Duemilaundici 54° Biennale d’Arte

Duemilaundici 54° Biennale d’Arte


For the 54th International Art Exhibition Giancarlo Vitali presented DUEMILAUNDICI (TWOTHOUSANDELEVEN), entrusting the set-up and fittings to Alexander Bellman.
Cement framed the canvas to highlight the crudeness of the scene on view and totally catalysed the visitor’s gaze in an attempt to stimulate personal reflection.

The ascending thrust of the cement casing harked back to the ancient tongues of architectural codes according to which longitudinal rhythms help mankind in the understanding of religious mysteries. The casing’s horizontals converged towards the work deforming the visual perception. The strangled perspective and fully frontal lighting system enhanced the emotional impact of the installation.


  • Date : 08.05.2011