C14 Journal, Special Edition Behind C14

C14 Journal, Special Edition Behind C14

The infinite and innumerable questions we continue to receive from our followers have led us to talk a bit about ourselves, revealing a lot of what goes on behind the scenes, not everything of course, things we have kept hidden for the past 10 years: what does the company name mean?
What the hell have stags got to do with it?
What do you actually do?
It’s all a front, isn’t it?
What are the origins of your surname? etc.

Faced with such a barrage of requests from the people, I just had to answer, it was time to clear things up once and for all ( perhaps ) whilst preserving our personal style and customary humour. I have absolutely no intention of adding anything else because you will find plenty to peruse in the following pages. There really is no point in giving you a preview, though, I must confess that the normal process of self-criticism which kicks in within the studio just before the issue goes to print has taken on cosmic proportions. In short, no-one is ever completely satisfied. My reaction is obvious: all the better, otherwise that would mean that everything I expect from my team and everything they’ve done and created so far over the years would fit into a sterile, self-referential working style, therefore, utterly wrong by definition.


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