C14 Journal Issue N04

C14 Journal Issue N04

via Morimondo 26, Milano

Number 04, our magazine’s fifth issue, closes the first cycle before the summer break. A pocket-size format and not even work related? Below the idea I shared with my team. Taking advantage of different sciences, from metaphysics to climatology, you can spend quite some time debating about the meaning of break, especially when related to summer.
However, both terms together begin to sound more and more like a linguistic dissonance. This is due to the fact that their strongest unifying element, namely time coincidence, is no more. Not only in our field! Either way, summer is with us again. It may have changed its appearance (Milan these days feels more like Martinique during the rainy season), but it is here. The break, however, (I stopped referring to it as a vacation long time ago) has become a fragment, an aspiration, an attempt. And this is exactly why we came up with our special summer edition, a collection of super-refined games, designed and illustrated by us. Profiting from the pocket-size format the lucky ones among you may bring it along a dreamy, sunny beach. For the not so fortunate ones, like myself, it may come handy as entertainment on an exhausting long-haul flight to an extremely busy metropolis and not for vacation. Enjoy,


  • Data : 23.07.2014
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